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SCAI at Grassroots Framework     
Around fifteen years ago Honey Bee network had triggered a movement by Prof.Anil.K.Gupta (IIMA professor) to scout, spawn and sustain unaided creative and innovative urges in unorganized sector of our society. Accordingly, the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, set up National Innovation Foundation (NIF) three and a half years ago under the chairpersonship of Dr R.A. Mashelkar, Secretary, DSIR and Director General, CSIR. The movement triggered by Honeybee Network is successfully carrying by Brigadier Pogula Ganesham garu by establishing SCAI clubs in every professional institute & college levels. Now He started his second innings.
Keeping the primary objectives of NIF as the larger context, the framework of Students Club for Augmenting Innovations (SCAI) can be elaborated upon. SCAI seeks to serve as an institutional support to NIF's endeavor of up scaling grassroots innovations. It also links informal knowledge systems with the formal system of education in place.
Student Club for Augmenting Innovations (SCAI)    
"Students' Club for Augmenting Innovations (SCAI) at grassroots" is students' forum facilitated through National Innovation Foundation to involve students from different education institutes to scout, valorize and diffuse innovations and example of traditional knowledge on commercial/non-commercial basis. The purpose is to generate a new model of knowledge management for sustainable development based on creativity and innovations at grassroots. So far, SCAI exists in 30 different management, engineering and social educational institution. National Innovation Foundation solicits students' participation in making this countrywide innovation movement a success.
Fortunately, Malla Reddy Institute of Management Joined the hands with National Innovation Foundation and took Up Innovative Activities in the form of Business Plan Presentation and Seminars on rural innovation. NIF has started a Nodal Centre "SCAI" at MRIM. From then onwards it is striving hard & Motivating the students to become employers by establishing the enterprises of innovative products. For encouraging the students it set its long term vision & mission
1. To see MRIM as a Social & Rural Entrepreneurial opportunities hub 
2. To provide the Employment Opportunities through the Entrepreneurs generated from MRIM-SCAI CLUB
1. To Gain Social & Rural Entrepreneurial Opportunities by inducting 'grass roots knowledge' in the students