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Rules & Regulations

Pledge of Students

Do hereby solemnly pledge that

  • I Shall not indulge in any ragging actities either directly or indirectly either on the campus or outside thereof
That I am awre of the fact the ragging is on offence prohibited and punishable under the A.P PRohibition of Ragging Act, 1997 and also under various other Regulations including the UGC Regulaltions, 2009 specifically Clause 3,7 and 9.1 and I am also aware that the ragging is punishable under the Penal laws including the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

That,hither to I was not a party to any ragging incident,and not expelled/debarred by any institution for indulging in ragging.

That, I shall not indulge,either actively or passively, in any act of ragging or in abetting any acts of ragging, either in the premises of the college or outside thereof,during the period of my study in the college.
That I will not indulge in any activieties like consumption of liquor,smoking and drugs including rash and negligent driving,either in the college premises or outside there of during the course of my study.
That if found guilty or ragging and / or abetting ragging, I shall be liable for all the penal consequences apart from the action that may be initiated by the college authorities including the rustication,debarment or expulsion from the college.
I am Aware of the System of PUnishment in case of ragging other students and that in case I become involved in any manner in any form of ragging case I am liable for any punishment Including:
  1. Withholidng of Scholarships / Fellowships / Results
  2. Debarring rom Representaiton in Events and Appering for tests / examinations and alos consequent admission to any other Institution
  3. Withdrawing Benefits like Travel Concessions and Campus selections
  4. Suspension or Expulsion from Hostel or Mess and also Attending Classes
  5. Cancellation of Admission or Restication from the Institution
  6. Liability to pay fine up to Rs. 2.5 lakhs
  7. Regorous Imprisonment up to 10 years
  8. Registration fro FIR against the accused and Prosecution under the Indian Penal Code,1860

Undertaking from Student and Parent for College Timings

Do hereby undertake that I am aware of the College Timings i.e., 9.30 am to 4.00 pm. I also ensure that I reach college daily sharply by 9.20 am and incase if I come late I am aware that the first hour attendance is marked as absent.

I am also aware tht I need to stay in the college if required for the additional activities such as Seminar/Co-curricular activities for which the attendance is considered as I ensure my attendance.

I also ensure that I maintain the minimum required attendance i.e., 75% as per the rules of Osmania University otherwise I cannot claim / request to forward my examination application to the University
  • I further pledge that I shall treat all my junior students and also other students as my brothers and sisters at all times
  • I shall maintain cordial atmoshere on the campus and shall follow strict discipline. I shall report any incident of ragging to the concerned authorities as soon as it comes to my notice
  • I shall say no to ragging and shall not be a party to ragging either as a participant or as an abettor; and
  • I shall do all that is possible to make my institution a better place for learning, enlightenment and enjoyment