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Malla Reddy Institute of Mangement aims to attract the best talent to join its workforce
When people think of Teaching career, they think of one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Telangana — a culture of research and entrepreneurship, where freedom to innovate continuously extends the horizon of the possible. It is a professionally governed college with eminent educators of repute. Every faculty member has an important job to do, and each takes pride and finds meaning in being part of an exceptional Institute.
The Department of HR at MRIM seeks people committed to excellence. In turn, the college is committed to fostering a culture of diversity and collaboration, promoting sustainability and developing scholars at all stages of the academic career ladder in order to maintain and build its academic excellence. Faculty Development is a critical element of our investment in productive and innovative faculty.
From subsidized transport to robust performance appraisal, the HR department provides staff members with an array of benefits that increase their economic and social security, help them develop professionally and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives.